Wednesday, 2 October 2013


The last thing many people think of when decorating their home is the hallway but in reality it is an area of the house that we are always walking through and is in the eye of the public more then any other room. Statement pieces of art work, a nice splash of colour, a table with a vase of flowers, a bench, or a series of personal photographs are all great ways to decorate a hallway of any size. In most cases I like a simple and functional hallway, one that is easy to clean but offers a beautiful transition from room to room. Check out these hallways and get inspired!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

True North on Etsy

Big news! I have decided to list some of the great auction, yard sale, and thrift store finds on Etsy! There are only a handful of items right now but depending on how it goes I will put some more stuff up. I know a lot of my readers are from outside of Canada and feel free to contact me to talk about shipping to other countries.

Check it out:

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Check Out: The Lodge by Roots

The Lodge is the tumblr account for Canadian apparel company, Roots. I am in love with the photographs, style, and Canadian based content posted. Check it out:

Below are a few pictures I collected from The Lodge. Roots products make amazing gifts, they have both great quality and are timeless. Roots has a strong Canadian heritage and carries a wide variety of practical and stylish items including many leather goods and outdoor apparel. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Why September is the best Canadian month

I have recently made the conclusion that September is my favorite month of the year. September encompasses my 2 favorite seasons; summer and fall. Within one month I get to wear both summer dresses and skinny jeans with a blazer.

September is also the introduction to many great Holidays that are just around the corner (Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas). You will be witness soon enough (from my overwhelming amount of posts about it), that I love Christmas.  

Around the end of September it begins to become brisk, which is the reason I think most people don’t like September because it signifies the end of summer, but I love brisk weather. In fact all those summer activities we love so much (yard sales, patios, parks, BBQs, camp fires, hikes) are that much more refreshing in brisk weather.


Harvest! So many great locally grown foods will start to become available in September. Often harvest is accompanied by fall fairs (in some small towns) to display the best produce, pies, jams, livestock, etc. 

In conclusion, have a Happy Labor Day Weekend and get ready for the best month of the year!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy 6 Month Birthday to True North!

Thank you to all my readers! I can't believe the thousands of page views that I have recieved from all over the world these past 6 months. Every week I strive to reflect my Canadian roots throughout my posts and analyze topics that generate the most traffic to build better content for all of you. Thanks again,


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

True North on Instagram

Big News! True North is now on Instagram (@thetruenorthlife). The account will emphasize on Canadian landscape and lifestyle photographs. Don't forget to follow!

Friday, 9 August 2013

DIY: Creating your own art

"Optimizing wall space without breaking the bank" has been consistently my most popular post and within it I promised to post some ideas for gathering Art/Photography for your home. Well the day is finally here!! I decorate my walls almost exclusively with my own DIY projects and these ideas can be done by anyone.

1. The copy cat approach

There are so many designs, prints, and paintings I see online that I cannot afford but that does not stop me. I simply add my own touch and reproduce them. The following are some works I found online and beside them my own reproductions (done in various mediums on dollar store canvus). I don't trace or stencil any of my reproductions because I like the imperfections and character that my free hand provides. I always give credit to the real artist behind my designs and it is never okay to copy other people for profit- these are just for yourself! Support artists where you can, they make our world a prettier place!
Source: Unknown

Fight Club Pop Art on Canvus: I'm not sure where I got the idea for this one because I did it so long ago but contrast pieces like this are really easy to do. Simply increase the contrast and change the colour to black and white in the picture settings on your computer and then copy or trace in any medium and create art!
2. Creating an original work

Paint, draw, sketch, whatever you want! Even if you think you don't have an artistic bone in your body you may surprise yourself, look at other artists techniques and experiment, you may surprise yourself!

Hut under the coconut palms by Paul Gauguin

Pig Tails by Loui Jover

Ocean Moods twenty eight by Teresa Cline

3. Frame magazine or picture book photos

Great frames can be found at any thrift store or yard sale and instead of spending $50 on a original photograph, frame a magazine or picture book photo! Check out travel or other specialty magazines for large glossy photos with no print over top.

 National Geographic
Roxy Advertisement
4. Raw material art
Hot gluing any raw materials like stones, bricks, or wood on a canvas or framing them is a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature and create a very interesting piece.




Source: Unknown


5. Frame your own photos

These days we rarely develop our own photos and it is a shame because the quality of even a low end digital camera is amazing. Frame your favourite photos and consider blowing some up. I like to scan and print old photo as well and spread them around the house. 


This is a wall of old photographs I did. I collected antique frames and painted them white and different shades of turquoise. The pictures are of my parents and extended family. I plan on continuously expanding this wall to display photos of my family through time.

6. Buy some prints (Not really DIY)

Prints are a great way to support artists without having to empty your pockets for an expensive painting or drawing. Normally artists will only create a limited number of prints so you still have some exclusivity in your purchase.

The River by Maaike Bakker