Friday, 30 August 2013

Why September is the best Canadian month

I have recently made the conclusion that September is my favorite month of the year. September encompasses my 2 favorite seasons; summer and fall. Within one month I get to wear both summer dresses and skinny jeans with a blazer.

September is also the introduction to many great Holidays that are just around the corner (Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas). You will be witness soon enough (from my overwhelming amount of posts about it), that I love Christmas.  

Around the end of September it begins to become brisk, which is the reason I think most people don’t like September because it signifies the end of summer, but I love brisk weather. In fact all those summer activities we love so much (yard sales, patios, parks, BBQs, camp fires, hikes) are that much more refreshing in brisk weather.


Harvest! So many great locally grown foods will start to become available in September. Often harvest is accompanied by fall fairs (in some small towns) to display the best produce, pies, jams, livestock, etc. 

In conclusion, have a Happy Labor Day Weekend and get ready for the best month of the year!

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