Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pretty Organization for Small Spaces

Last summer I lived in a small sun room with my boyfriend, there was about one square foot of floor space surrounded by a bed and clothes. One night my boyfriend and I were laying in bed on our computers and he leaned over to grab something and literally poked me in the open eye. The room was so small but it was sunny and I had it so organized that we actually made it work (although one item of clothing on the floor made the whole place a complete mess).

The point of this post is with any sized space, organization is essential. When you are living in a small space how you organize is pretty much how you are decorating because that is all you have room for! I searched far and wide and collected a bunch of organization ideas to make your small space hold all your stuff without compromising style.

 Not only is the sink working as extra storage in this bathroom, using a latter to hang your towels frees up closet space.

I love the idea of using antique boxes as both decoration and storage.

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