Tuesday, 23 April 2013

DIY Sea Glass Moblie

I found this idea on Etsy and instantly fell in love. Growing up, I would collect sea glass along the beach at my grandparent's farm so I can really identify with this piece. You can pretty much see from the photo how to make this:

1. Collect some big pieces of sea glass and lay them out in columns to get an idea of how you want them spaced.

2. Wrap a thin wire around each piece of sea glass starting at the bottom of each column and working your way to the top to create long strands of sea glass. Be sure to leave a few inches of wire at the top of every strand.

3. Space each strand of sea glass along the drift wood and tie or twist the excess wire at the end of the strand along the drift wood.

4. Hang the drift wood with a piece of twine.

I don't have any use for this yet but maybe after a few (plus a few more) summers of collecting sea glass I can use this!

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