Friday, 5 April 2013

Camping Ideas for Picky Eaters

I saw this picture and it gave me the best idea for camping or even for a small brunch. Everyone gets a small pan and throws in what they want to cook and puts it over the fire. Of course this works with a big pan too but when you have a bunch of diet constrictions in a group it's nice for everyone to make their food separately. Whether you are doing breakfast, lunch, or dinner people can make substitutions for any part of the meal in their pan! You can prepare all the different ingredients to save time or prepare it all the same day. There are so many different combinations of food too, think of the possibilities:

- Any kind of omelet
- Eggs, home fries, and bacon or sausage
- Stir-fry
- French toast
- Cinnamon buns
- Eggplant, onions, and red peppers (my favourite combo with a crusty bun!)

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