Friday, 5 July 2013

My Cottage Packing List

Cottage season is finally here and I couldn't be happier about it. If you are like me, when you drive up to a friend’s cottage for the weekend you are jammed in a car with little space for the amount of bodies and everyone's stuff. Packing light is essential for a variety of reasons when it comes to the cottage, not only for car space but to make your life a lot easier when you come home on Sunday night and unpack. Packing light is additionally important for me because I am usually racing around in the last 10 minutes throwing a bag for the weekend together. So after years of weekend cottaging here is my list of what I bring:

- Long pants*
- Shorts*
- 1 or 2 tank tops/tee shirts
- Underwear
- Bathing suit
- Towel
- 1 Thick pair of socks
- PJ's
- 1 Sweatshirt
- 1 flannel shirt (if I'm expecting cooler mornings and nights or lots of bugs)

*Wear one of these up to the cottage!

That's it. Nothing fancy, I am usually in my bathing suit with shorts all weekend and then switch into pants when the mosquitoes come out. I sometimes bring my running stuff as well if I am feeling motivated and also a blanket and pillow if the host has asked me to. Then when I come home I just throw everything into the wash so it's ready for the next weekend! Sometimes my friends get cute and pack a little sun dress but I prefer those for patios in the city. The cottage is a place to lounge all day on the dock and play cards all night on the porch! Some people also pack a pair of hiking boots but I like to spend the weekend in my bare feet (this may be why I get poison ivy every summer- but I never learn).

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