Monday, 25 February 2013

Optimizing wall space without breaking the bank

Spent all your money on furniture and your room still feels empty? Looks like you need to fill that wall space! Big windows or a textured wall (like exposed brick) are sometimes all you need because they provide great style on their own.

For those of us surrounded by dry wall and small windows, here are a few ideas to optimize your empty wall space, in a classy way that won't break the bank:

Fabric: These curtains flow from ceiling to floor breaking up the wall colour and creating great texture and warmth.

Art/Photography: This is probably the first thing most people think of when they think of decorating their walls. There is so much variety and opportunity to let your personal style shine. If you are in the Toronto area in early May the OCAD University Graduate Exhibition has a couple rooms dedicated to student's prints for about $1-$15. This is a great way to find unique pieces for really cheap. When it comes to frames yard sales are your best friend. I searched all last summer and purchased a variety of old frames spending under $10 altogether. I painted all the frames white and filled them with family photos. Personal framed photos are always my favourite way to decorate walls. Another really inexpensive option is to make your own art. I'm going to make an individual post in the coming weeks dedicated to this but the options are endless and there are great resources available online for inspiration!



Shelves: Not only do shelves have a functional purpose, they are also useful when decorating a room.


Furniture that varies in size, large mirrors, plants, lighting, and large accent pieces such as drift wood, a latter, or even an antique door are other ways to optimize you wall space and lift the room off the floor. Remember every inch of the walls shouldn't be covered or it will look cluttered.

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