Friday, 22 February 2013

Drift Wood

Winter is great. The snow is so pretty, you have an excuse to stay in and watch every Meryl Streep movie, and you get to eat a lot of soup. I really love the seasons, winter included, but around this time of the year I begin to have enough. The months of hearty warm food have hit my hips, I am lost on my white bed spread, and my ears ring if I attempt to go for a run. It also doesn't help that stores are now releasing cute new clothes that realistically I won't be able to wear for months. So to ease my mind I have been dreaming of the days when I will be collecting piles of drift wood along the beach to create some unique decorations for around the house. I swear my mother is the pioneer of drift wood decorating but I found some inspiring pieces online that are defiantly worth checking out!


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