Tuesday, 19 March 2013

5 (cheap) ideas to get your home spring/summer ready

1. No need to spend 50+ dollars on a huge flower arrangement for your center piece. Fill small jars with flowers and spread them throughout your house.

2. Patio lights. Make your spring/summer nights even longer and more inviting with twinkle lights surrounding your outdoor seating area (balcony, terrace, porch, yard, etc.).

3. Garden!

4. Clean. Tidy up the dust that has settled from the long winter, throw out those dead plants you forgot to water, and fix that squeaky door. Spring and summer are seasons full of spontaneous plans and random BBQs, so free your mind of that messy closet and leaky faucet now while the weather is still keeping you inside.

5. Put up some bird houses/feeders (there are great ideas to make them online), get some life to surround your house and garden again!

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