Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Home Office and Organization

I am in the process of creating an office area for my house. Organization has been a really popular theme in decorating magazines with spring cleaning amongst us so I thought I would share my ideas and research. What I am looking for in a home office is first a big desk or table because I like all my research and notes spread out in front of me when I am writing. Next, I am looking to keep the area organized. I don't like a lot of extra stuff that I don't need for the project I am working on in my work space so shelves and storage are essential. Thirdly, I love writing lists and having deadlines and ideas out where I can see them so a cork or chalk board is key. Finally, the chair. I don't sit in the same position the whole time I write so I need a chair that allows me to move around.

I love this chair! It is stylish but still functional and most importantly it has no arms so you can cross my legs while you work (a position I regularly find myself in). The plants and photos on this desk look great although they would not work for me because I like the desk space.


I like the shelving behind this desk; it gives the opportunity to style the shelves with your own personal touch and provides a lot of extra storage. I would like the bottom to include pull out drawers for filing loose papers.

Love this drafting table and how the papers and magazines are displayed on the right side of the picture. Simple, functional, clean, and organized- just what I am looking for!

Baskets and boxes are a great alternative to filing cabinets and offer new textures and colours to a space. This picture shows a lot of different ways to use baskets and boxes in a home office. I particularly like the selves at the end of the desk, great use of space. I like the comfy chair in the corner as well, perfect if you want to take a break and read a book or turn your computer around and watch a show.


Unique way to frame a cork board!

Paired with a shelf on the side and a cork board on a nearby wall this is a stylish and economical way to turn an unused space like a corner or attic into a home office.

I am in love with this desk. Steel legs with a slab of wood provide a raw and natural appeal.

Here is a skinner desk to consider especially if you are working with a smaller or awkward space. 

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